The Starter range of VPS solutions offers high performance, value for money and uncompromised quality. These VPS servers are built and configured by our team to deliver optimal hardware power and software performance. They're also equipped with the latest technology, such as next-generation Intel architectures. For optimal stability, they are built on resilient infrastructure.

A dedicated environment

You can configure your server using any type of application and operating system you like. This server environment is available to you to fulfill your web project's needs. You can also add resources at any moment, giving you complete flexibility.

A server that can scale

Your VPS can be scaled up as your needs change. You can easily upgrade to a more powerful model anytime by accessing the OVHcloud Control Panel. So you can have total control of your budget.

Simplicity, simplicity and independence

You can concentrate on your core business with a VPS. And you have complete control of your server without having to worry about hardware restrictions. You have the option to choose from several Linux distributions such as Fedora, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Fedora, CentOS, and CentOS.

Unlimited traffic

There are no hidden charges and traffic ingress/egress is unlimited. Your test environment can be hosted on a Starter Virtual Private Server (VPS) with 100Mbit/s internet. This allows you to get a low cost VPS that has no hidden costs. Here at alavps we keep it clean and clear.

*Excludes datacentres within the Asia-Pacific region

Backup options

Our backup options will ensure that your virtual private servers are protected from unintentional deletions. You can either create backups from an external space or directly through the OVHcloud Control Panel.


Our network includes data centres all over the globe. This allows you to choose where your VPS will be hosted. You can minimize latency and provide stable service by hosting it close to users.

Why not choose a low-cost VPS server?

VPS solutions starting at low prices from the Starter range come with an SSD drive and are specially designed for pre-production or test environments at a very affordable price.

How do I get started using a VPS serve Cheap Vps