Buy Cheap Vps

A virtual private server (VPS) is a fully configurable environment that offers full control over the environment. The data is not shared with other hosts. Instead, it is stored on a dedicated machine. It combines the best of both web hosting and physical servers, offering the flexibility and performance of a private environment and the simplicity of managed hardware.

The Starter range offers low-cost VPS solutions that offer uncompromising quality and high performance. They are assembled and configured by our teams to provide optimal hardware and software power. They also have cutting-edge technology such as next-generation Intel architectures or SSD disk storage. They are built on resilient infrastructure for maximum stability.

An environment that is dedicated

Your server can be configured with any operating system or application you choose. You can configure this server environment to suit your web project requirements. Hardware resources can be added at any time to give you maximum flexibility.

Scalable server

Your VPS can grow with your needs. You can upgrade to a higher-end model at any time. This is done via the OVHcloud Control Panel in just a few mouse clicks. You have complete control over your budget.

Simplicity and independence

A VPS allows you to focus on your core business and has full control over your server without worrying about hardware limitations. There are many Linux distributions available, including Fedora and CentOS, as well as Debian.

Unlimited traffic

There are no hidden fees and ingress and exit traffic are both unlimited. A Starter VPS can be used to host your test environment, which has 100Mbit/s bandwidth. You get a low-cost VPS without any hidden fees.

*Excludes datacentres located in the Asia-Pacific region

Backup options

You can protect the integrity of your virtual private server's data with our backup options. You have two options: either use an external backup space or take snapshots directly from the OVHcloud Control Panel.


There are many datacenters around the world that we have access to, so you can pick which one you would like your VPS hosted in. Hosting it close to your users will reduce latency and ensure stability. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) will guarantee hardware availability.

Why choose a VPS that is affordable?

The Starter range includes low-cost VPS solutions that include an SSD disk. These VPS solutions are specifically designed to offer pre-production and testing environments at a reasonable price.

How can I get started with a virtual private server?

Are you ready to launch your project? Check out our guide to getting started with a virtual private server. There are many operating systems to choose from, including Windows and Linux (except the Starter). You can also install a content manager system (CMS), such as WordPress.