Street Lighting Mozambique

Trust Premier Cabos for street lighting in Mozambique. We carry street lighting accessories to meet your every need, with delivery options available to keep your project moving forward without interruptions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us when looking for low priced street lighting items- we have supplies that are not easily found through other contractors. Let our experts recommend the right bulbs for lighting conditions to ensure your project is completed according to your client’s specifications.

Which Bulb is the Best For Street Lighting?

Here at Premier Cabos, we carry a variety of bulb brightnesses to meet your every need- from 100w to 400w. Streetlight fittings are different from regular household fittings, so check with us for the right fit before you purchase bulbs from another source that you’ll have to return. Feel free to provide us with details about your lighting project before you begin sourcing materials- we’ll work hard to not only find what you need but also to save you money on your materials. We carry all of the following items for street lighting in Mozambique:

  • Genlux LED 50w IP66 Street Lighting
  • Genlux 100w HPS Street Light
  • Genlux LED 140w IP66 Street Lighting
  • Genlux LED 250w HPS Street Lighting
  • Galvanized Steel Arms for Streetlight Fittings
  • Light Bulbs for Streetlight Fittings: 100w, 250w, 400w
  • Light-Tek IP65 Projector 400w

Does Street Lighting improve Safety?

Affordable street lighting from Premier Cabos adds beauty to streets and makes them safer for both foot traffic and drivers. Street lights are ideal for downtown locations where shoppers tend to linger after the sun goes down. If your town is known for a thriving day-time atmosphere but lacks warmth after-hours, street lighting can make a big difference in the way locals feel about their hometown and the way outsiders see your community. Best of all, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to provide outdoor lighting for residents, store owners, and visitors.

Other Products & Services

Premier Cabos is more than just a street light accessory producer to Mozambique- we’re an electrical wholesaler catering to factory owners, mines, utility companies, contractors, and farmers throughout the region. Contact us for electrical cables, line accessories, mini substations, electrical transformers, and distribution boards. We want to make a connection with you that will result in a long-term relationship ensuring your current and future projects stay under budget and on schedule.

Total Customer Satisfaction From Start to Finish

More than a supplier, Premier Cabos has a dedicated team ready to dispatch to your project to assist with maintenance on your electrical applications, install lines & mini substations, or offer complete turnkey electrical installations. Call us when you need an expert to brainstorm on your project, lend a helping hand, or deliver materials to a remote location that other suppliers can’t access. There are many reasons to trust your street lighting in Mozambique to Premier Cabos: experience, commitment to excellence, reduced supplies cost, quality, services, and guarantee.

Street Lighting Mozambique