In terms of providing reliable medical supplies, you can trust SPH Medical to give you the best deal ever! You can buy our RoWalker patient mobility devices at a bargain from our store. Here are a few reasons you or that friend of yours need a RoWalker 400 walking aid and why you should buy from us.

What is RoWalker?

A RoWalker is an excellent additive early mobilization walking aid for individuals that struggle to move around independently. It has a stabilizing, powder-coated frame made from steel. It helps prevent spills, trips, and resulting injuries. After an operation, patients find SPH Medical RoWalker 400 to be of tremendous usefulness as they recover from surgery. It helps make walking, standing training more comfortable as it has a lightweight and easily maneuvers walker that suits patients at all stages of recovery.

Use of RoWalker early patient mobility

It is majorly used for gait training assistance. It is a very reliable aid that provides good balance support as individuals go through gait rehab and mobility training.

SPH Medical Center RoWalker 400 features

The walker's directional wheel locks ensure user safety because they transition between positions. It is designed with attachment hooks for oxygen tanks, drain bags, and IV poles. And this allows patients to move about freely and independently. It also has a comfortable padded seat, allowing patients to rest anytime they are tired during training. The walker allows patients to adjust the handlebar height for a more comfortable and natural feeling. The machine's armrests are tilted at all angles to enable more stability. The seat pads can fold and be moved out of the way too. The width of the base is easily adjusted to make room for both small and large strides. SPH Medical RoWalker has an ambulation belt (also known as a standard gait belt) to manipulate positions. The walker's hand grips and padded table supports the upper body.

The RoWalker was designed initially for post-cardiac/abdominal surgery patients, then later for patients who need help in walking. RoWalker patient mobility is now the best device for early patient mobility. It is widely used in ICU's, Orthopedic, Rehabilitation, and Medical Surgery centers, plus other departments that deal with patients' mobility all over the world. The walker carries all items needed to support a problematic patient and allows safe ambulation with lesser staff members. All in all, SPH Medical RoWalker allows for early and easy patient mobility.

Advantages of buying from SPH Medical Center

  1. Easy to procure at an excellent bargain.
  2. You can easily decide to pick it up, or our staff can deliver it to your doorstep.
  3. Orthopedic clinics and physiotherapists can invest by buying and renting them out.
  4. We train staff and patients on how to make full use of it.

Advantages of the RoWalker

  1. Easy to use. It doesn't involve complex languages before a successful use.
  2. The RoWalker gives excellent support for both walking and standing training positions.
  3. The machine's seat flaps allow safety and the opportunity to rest between steps.
  4. The RoWalker is designed for early mobility of patients.
  5. The machine's height is adjustable for people of all heights.
  6. Soft knee pads to support patients while standing and walking
  7. The machine's width is adjustable to accommodate wheelchairs and chairs.
  8. It has brakes on the front wheel, and it unlocks quickly and easily.
  9. It has space for oxygen tanks.
  10. It can accommodate a bodyweight capacity of up to 400 lbs.

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