OEM and ODM Manufacturing in China

If you’re interested in OEM and ODM manufacturing in China, Take a look at what Arcadia Sourcing can offer you or your company. At Arcadia Sourcing, they specialize in sourcing custom made products from OEM and ODM Manufacturers. This provides you with access to the most cost-effective solutions available today for your electronics, toys, clocks, watched, bags & accessories, promotional products, holiday items and much more.

Arcadia Sourcing can provide contract manufacturing services that arrange cost-effective OEM and ODM manufacturing for promotional products like stationery, mugs, key chains, t-shirts, photo albums, lanyards and many other items as well as electrical and electronic products, including lights, appliances, adapters, telephones, MP3 players, DVDs, radios and stereo systems.

If you need help doing the CAD drawings, prototyping, negotiating with vendors, placing of orders, quality control on the assembly line, and quality inspection of your OEM and ODM manufacturing in China, Arcadia Sourcing is the company to call. They can even help with the documents from export to your front door!

Arcadis Sourcing can help inventors, product developers, corporations and small to medium sized businesses stay competitive and increase company profits by having their products custom designed and manufactured overseas.

Do you need logistics services for your OEM and ODM manufacturing in China? Let Arcadia Sourcing help. They can provide the in-house engineers you need to creatively take your idea from its conception to its completion, and are more than qualified to do so. With processes that can be custom-tailored to fit your needs, general logistics follows this pattern: 

– Taking your idea from its concept to a successful prototype, beginning with the initial concept, then taking on the 3D CAD drawing, moving on to the prototype tooling and finally, with the prototype.

– Next, your product will go from production to delivery, starting with the molding process, followed by full production of the product, strict quality control assessing and ending with shipping.

– After you decide on the final destination of your product, brokering will take place, domestic delivery logistics will be determined and your product will arrive safely at your warehouse.

Working with Arcadia Sourcing, you’ll have access to their in-house engineers who can assist with blueprints, structure your design, begin the custom manufacturing process and making sure that your product is manufactured under the strictest quality control. Arcadia Sourcing can also help with shipping, warehousing and brokerage along the way. OEM and ODM manufacturing in China can often require the management of multiple factories and subcontracting companies. Your best best is working with an expert sourcing company.

For sourcing your OEM and ODM manufacturing in China, you’re going to need the assistance of a sophisticated company that can offer extensive networking throughout Asia and China. Let Arcadia Sourcing provide you with the benefits of their experience. They are trilingual professionals so you can be sure that a language barrier will not hold up work.

Call the experts from Arcadia Sourcing at 852-2367-3335 for superior OEM and ODM manufacturing in China.