Natural Stone Veneer

Natural stone veneer is a classic yet natural stone that will improve the look of your home’s interior or exterior. By using stone you will set the look of your house above those around it making your home stand out from them. If you are looking for natural stone veneer contact us at 1-877-670-7625.

Our stone is installed just like tile using thinset and cutting with a wet saw. It can be installed on exterior stucco surfaces, cement boards and masonry block or interior surfaces like painted drywall. Please make sure substraight is attached properly to the structure prior of installation and all instructions on using thinset have been read. It is also recommended that you check your local construction code for applicable installation information.

To achieve the best results, your installer should always examine the entire shipment that was purchased to obtain a comprehensive view of the full range of color variance. The installer will then be prepared to work to ensure an even mixture that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Our natural stone veneer has been engineered to be installed on an existing foundation without major preparation to the structure. Therefore, it could be installed with thinset and you can go for higher elevations.