Marble is a time-honored, beautiful, strong stone that is versatile enough to look great in bathrooms and kitchens. The multitude of colors, not to mention the pattern variances and ability to combine different colors, usually make marble an ideal fit for all kinds of décor. Before installing marble countertops, it is important to ask around for marble countertop pricing in Fort Worth. If you are looking to know the Fort Worth countertops costs and prices, we got you covered. At Liberty Stone LLC, we pride ourselves as a top-rated Fort Worth marble countertops company.

Marble Countertop Cost Guide in Fort Worth

It is always advisable to hire pros like us to install your marble slab or tile. Doing it by yourself can lead to injuries and poor installation. A cost guide helps homeowners, realtors, interior designers, or modelers know what to expect to pay for their home renovation projects. This marble countertop cost guide will enable you to understand how much it will cost to install marble countertops in your kitchen or bathroom.

Marble Tile Vs. Slab Prices

A marble slab is a big, uniformly cut piece of marble, whereas marble tiles are thin square pieces used mainly for flooring. The price of a marble slab can range between $40 and $100, with an average of $60. Factors that affect the material and installation costs include size, transportation, type, and grade of the materials. Slabs are easier to maintain and have a much cleaner look than tiles; thus, many people prefer them. A marble tile, however, can cost up to 50 percent less. If you’re searching for the best marble, granite, and quartz countertops in Dallas Fort Worth, we have everything you need.

Average Cost of Installation

The best way to calculate the estimate for your marble slab cost is by measuring the countertop you would like to replace. If you have a 50 square feet counter space kitchen, it can cost you an average of $3,000 to install a marble countertop. On average, the installation will take up to 10 hours with about $35-$45 per hour labor costs. Extra supplies can go up to an upward of $200. With this information, you can easily calculate your approximate cost of installation. For quality quartz and granite countertop installation in DFW, choose us at Liberty Stone.

Types of Marble Countertops and Their Prices

There are several types of marble stone, some more common than others. The most popular and affordable is Carrara, which goes for about $40 per square foot on average. Another type of marble is Calacatta, which is extremely rare to find, and vendors sell for about $180 per square foot. Black marble comes from different parts of Spain. It goes for an average of $75 and is suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.  

Finest Marble Countertops for Your Home

At Liberty Stone, we can help you revamp your kitchen or bathroom with premier marble countertop installation services. To get a quote for marble countertop pricing in Fort Worth, contact Liberty Stone LLC today at 877-542-7878.

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